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Currently there are 6 Parent Guides trained in our state. The red stars represnt their locations.

WA State Guide By Your Side Team

Christine Griffin

GBYS Program Coordinator- Statewide

Christine and her husband are the parents of two Deaf and hard of hearing children.  Their journey has taken them in many different directions, always following their children's lead, and grateful for the ongoing support from other families of D/HH children.  

Since being connected to another parent early on in their children's lives, Christine has been a steadfast proponent of parent support, and working with families for the last 12 years.   She has a BA in Theatre Performance, and a Maters of Education in Adult Education. Christine is also a board member of Washington State Hands & Voices. In her off time, Christine enjoys photography, visiting with friends and walks along the water.

Diana Fitzgerald

Parent Guide-Pierce County

Diana is a mother of two energetic Deaf children.  She started along this journey of motherhood 6 years ago. In that time she has learned much, met wonderful people, and has become involved in the Deaf community. Diana is a strong advocate for her children and all children with hearing loss. She has worked with education and medical professionals to improve services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. When Diana is not working as a mother or parent advocate, she is an elementary school teacher. 

Deb Masters

Parent Guide-Snohimish County

Deb and her husband have three teenage sons, two are hearing and their middle son has profound sensori-neural hearing loss.  He wears bilateral cochlear implants with great success.  Deb has a BA in Interior Design and has enjoyed being an at home mom since her first son was born.  She is a board member of Listen and Talk, the listening and spoken language school her son attended in Seattle,  as well as occasionally substituting in their preschool classrooms.  “I have a passion for helping others with their hearing loss journey, it can be an emotionally devastating time and I like to be that glimmer of hope, because with hope all things are possible!”  Deb and her family reside in Snohomish County. 

Kristina Wendorf

Parent Guide-King County

Kristina and her husband are the parents of four children, one girl and three boys, one of whom was diagnosed with a moderate bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss at four months.  Kristina has a BA Degree in Elementary Ed. and was involved within the public school system for seven years.  "We are incredibly thankful for the people we have met throughout our journey and look forward to being a support to others in their journey". Kristina and her family reside in King County.

Elizabeth Oesterling

Parent Guide-Whatcom County

Elizabeth was born in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted when she was nine months old by parents who live near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Elizabeth had a gradual loss of hearing until she became Deaf at age six.  Elizabeth was mainstreamed in public school with support services for her deafness.  Elizabeth’s is the mother of two girls, ages nine and fourteen.  Her nine year daughter old is hearing and her fourteen year old daughter is hard of hearing.  Elizabeth’s husband is Deaf and was educated at Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.  Elizabeth and her family moved to Washington in 2013.  Elizabeth has been working as an advocate for Deaf and hard of hearing people in every job she has held.  Elizabeth and her husband are very active in the deaf community and enjoy sharing their experiences and their joys with other families.   

Lianne DeVerter

Parent Guide-Snohomish County

Lianne is a mother of a Deaf+ Kindergartener born with CHARGE syndrome – one of the leading causes of deaf-blindness.  He has severe-profound sensori-neural hearing loss, and has had incredible success with his behind-the-ear hearing aids. In our home, we also sign for total communication. Lianne has a BS in Business with a concentration in Marketing.  This last year, she has focused on finding a good schooling fit for her son, being a parent advocate and enjoying daily life with a preschooler. She looks forward to connecting with and supporting other parents in our community.

Bernadine Wentland

Parent Guide-Snohomish County

Bernadine and her husband are the parents of three college age children. Their family began signing over 19 years ago during their time at the Parent Infant Program in Seattle, WA when their middle son was identified as profoundly Deaf. They are thankful for their rich journey including many fabulous people, role models, learning experiences and opportunities with the Deaf community in both Washington and Michigan. These experiences have shaped their family placing an integral value on insuring communication is accessible. Bernadine has worked in the public school setting for over 8 years and looking forward to supporting other families as a new parent guide. Bernadine enjoys playing strategy games with family & friends as well as sharing the outdoors with others by biking, hiking, snow shoeing and skiing.

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